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Whatever questions you may have, our experts are happy to answer. Discover all the responses to your inquiries down below!

Why should I replace my existing HVAC system?

You should start thinking about your HVAC system replacement the moment it gets inefficient, worn-out and in need of repair. Additionally, if you are starting to feel a decrease in your indoor air quality, it's time to act fast! Our specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Sherman Oaks will provide you with the best HVAC unit replacements and most affordable prices. 

How expensive is an HVAC system?

You should know that many factors affect the cost of an HVAC system. For instance, modern HVAC units are more expensive but, at the same time, more efficient than standard air conditioners. They come together with accessories such as thermostats and electric air cleaners which will make functioning and maintenance a lot easier. The decision of which version to opt for is all yours. 

What’s the importance of cleaning air ducts?

According to our experts, indoor air can actually be more polluted than outside air. This is especially true if the air ducts are not cleaned on a regular basis. Unlike the outdoors with natural air filters, air ducts rely on man-made filters that have to be cleaned and replaced as to avoid contamination with dust, debris and other pathogens. 

How important is indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality can directly cause allergies and irritations to those who are inside the building. Air duct cleaning is one way of ensuring that the air indoors is of good quality and free of contaminants. All homes and offices with air ducts should have them serviced regularly, our experts suggest.

How do metal and aluminum foil dryer ducts compare?

The metal ducts are rigid or semi-rigid and very smooth. As a result, they don’t get the same kind of lint build-up as their ribbed aluminum foil counterparts. With them, the dryer will work efficiently and the risk of fire will be low even with fewer cleaning sessions during the year. The aluminum foil ducts are not only less effective but they are less durable too. 

Which is better, a truck-mounted or portable vacuum system?

Both of these systems are generally effective, but a truck mounted system is usually a lot stronger than portable equipment. Even so, portable equipment can easily be taken inside the home, which will allow the vacuum source to be located closer to the ductwork. Both types will clean properly under most normal circumstances.

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