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It is not just a well-functioning ventilation system that helps maintain a stable indoor temperature - insulation plays just as an important role. Not all homes however have insulation installed or if they do, it is set according to out-dated standards and materials. Whether you have concerns about the status of your current insulation or want to opt for it for the first time, it's important to have a solid basis of knowledge about it. Residential Insulation

Get a Professional for Proper Insulation

Though relatively affordable and easy to apply yourself, doing so won't be nearly as impactful as adding layers to your loft, roofing or having quality wall insulation installed. Your walls are likely to be the areas of your home where heat transfer occurs most, followed by your attic if you have one. Quality insulation installation is often a complex job to get done, but ceiling and external insulation can be two of the most challenging and dangerous processes of all. It is always best to ensure this kind of work is undertaken by the experts. Having done hundreds if not thousands of such operations, our professionals are properly equipped and experienced and will make sure you get the utmost benefits from proper insulation. On a side note, you won't usually need planning permission to have most types of insulation affixed to your home, but there might be some rare occasions when you will be required to do so.  

The Advantages of Insulation

There are countless benefits to home insulation. First and foremost, your HVAC system will thank you. It will no longer need to work up to its full power every time to ensure the maintenance of an optimal temperature in your home or office. Thanks to the layers of materials protecting your walls, attic and all other areas prone to convection, the heat outflow will drop drastically. This will decrease the need for you to use electrical energy to keep your house warm or cold, a change which you will really be happy about when seeing the reduced electricity bills. Secondly, applying insulation will optimize your household for eco-friendliness. A reduced use of energy means better care for the earthly resources.

Contact the Local Experts

At Air Duct Cleaning Sherman Oaks, our professionals provide a full range of ventilation and insulation services. Whether it's your first time installing it, or you need some re-applying or maintenance done, you'll be able to rest assured that the insulation is correctly executed and that the measures applied are perfectly suited to the design of your property. Call us today for further information!  

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